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Locally sourced, hand-made furniture

Bespoke Builds was founded in 2021 by brothers Matt and Kyle Hambleton with the idea that you should be able to customize a locally handmade piece of furniture for a reasonable price. Bespoke Builds Chief Design Officer Matt Hambleton has spent years honing the craft of woodworking after finding his love of the process in the Army. Kyle Hambleton has spent years in the Hospitality industry and the brothers teamed up with the idea of perfecting each step of bringing one of our tables to you. They have made it their mission to simplify the process of purchasing furniture that really reflects your personality.

Kyle Hambleton - President

Kyle Hambleton serves as president at Bespoke Builds. Kyle grew up and currently resides in Lima Ohio. After High school Kyle joined the United States Navy, where he served as an Aviation Boatswain Mate onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. He has since served as a Director of sales for large hotel brands in Downtown Indianapolis Indiana, where he developed his love of Customer service. Having grown up in Lima Ohio Kyle believes in the economic resurgence of Lima. “I believe any company’s number one goal should be bettering the community they occupy.”

Kyle Believes in providing exceptional customer service and saw an opportunity to provide a once in a lifetime experience putting together your own table step by step at one of our locations. Kyle believes American families should not have to choose between a mass-produced inexpensive option or a far too expensive luxury furniture option.

Matt Hambleton - Chief Design Officer

Matt has been designing and building custom furniture for over 10 years. Matt’s goal is to focus on quality while meeting the exact design the client has envisioned, and creating generational, heirloom worthy pieces. Matt began woodworking as a hobby but quickly realized the therapeutic nature of transforming boards of wood into beautiful pieces of art.

Matt and his wife Cassie have two boys at home who love to help around the shop. Matt was born and raised right here in Lima. In 2011 after serving in the Army, he moved to Toledo where he founded a transportation business which has grown and prospered, and he currently maintains his position as Chief Executive Manger. In 2017, Matt and his family moved back to Lima and call Shawnee their home.

Matt is excited to be part of the Downtown Lima growth and development as he loves travelling to different cities and exploring their downtown stores and shops. He hopes to be able to contribute to a thriving downtown Lima with Bespoke Builds.

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